House of Families –

“House of families” is a building for disadvantaged young women with children in Nuuk / Greenland. The project is part of an overall strategic plan for the Nuuk center called “Middle of the world, the middle of Nuuk”, led by Dahl & Uhre architects and TNT Nuuk architects. Invited into the over all project were also MDH architects & Fantastic Norway. 42 architects + Regionalassociates. M: ARC + + Arkitekti Helena Lennert were also invited as guests in this project. The client is the Greenland Home rule and Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The house’s main task will be to teach families and mothers to fend for themselves, enabling them to live an independent life. The building will appear as inviting and protective, safe and friendly. The building mass is broken up into smaller building volume. This way the building is perceived not as a large institution, but rather a composite of many small houses: Of many families. Beyond this, the building also protects the outdoor areas against a rough climatic situation. The building mass is dense and closed towards the north. The outdoor spaces are also protected from the wind and rain from the southwest. Towards the south the building breaks up and lets light and greenery into the park in front of the building. Further on the “House of Families” has a thorough ecological profile. The building is self-sufficient with heating, passive house technology, solar panels and water heating. A technological management system regulates and controls the energy consumption. Copyright