Amazing Photo Book

My chosen route was populated with one lonely stag, high on the mountain, visible, fleetingly, through the descending blizzard. As my ice-axe and crampons penetrated the solid mass, I stopped  to rest. Breathing heavily, I viewed my surrounds. Wow! what a shot. Precariously poised, I fumbled into my jacket to retrieve my iPhone. Ok, I have three points of contact with the mountain, I’ll get that shot. Mmm, slight problem, chunky winter gloves, I won’t be able to press the camera button. Carefully, I managed to get one glove off with my teeth, unfortunately, within seconds my bare skinned hand started to shake with cold. So, hanging onto the side of the iced mountain, ice-axe and crampons firmly placed, I steadied my frozen hand and clicked.

Image Source:  Kenny Allan